September 29, 2010

Bedroom Ideas- (Parisian theme)

I've been looking online for bedroom ideas, (Parisian themed), for so many months now but still want to get more and see what I can come up with. So far this is what I'm am going with.

I love the iron wrought bed frame, and the way the material flows like a bed canopy style! Instead of the mirror there I was thinking of getting the letter "B" and pinning it there.

This is the bed frame I want to get from Ikea, only $180. I want to get a white bed frame because it will be up against a red wall, and instead of a white lace coming down like in the above picture I was thinking a black lace, not sure yet we'll see which would look better.
I adore this vanity set up! I want to do white and black furniture depending what wall its going up against. Since I'm only making one wall red (the wall the bed is going up against) the other walls will be an off grey color, and I think white furniture will look odd against it so I was thinking in that case I would use black furniture.
I already have a table and 2 chairs similar to this design I want to put near the big bay window I have to give it that cafe Parisian look.
I got this kind of picture frame from Kohl's on sale 50% off for $20! 
I got these 2 trays and 2 boxes from Bowring on sale as well. I figured I got use the trays to stores little things on and just display the boxes on a shelf.

I found a cute black chandelier in Ikea for $60 and want that to hang in the middle of the room, it wont be the main light source because I have four other lights in each corner of the room in the ceiling as well but will be there for its elegant style.
This bedding is just spectacular! I love it to death!! $150 and you get 2 shams, bedskirt, and the queen comforter. 
These two pictures I have framed with white board behind them and in a black frame.
I haven't gotten this item yet! BUT I am on the look out for book ends. I have a ton of books and I just love to read so I might have to get more than just one pair. This particular one was cute tho.

That is all for now =) When I buy more stuff or when the room is put together I'll add more photos !