December 12, 2010

GSP-Markus Naslund- & The Man With a Smile Always On His Face

My laptop has been dead for over a month and I finally got the right power cord last night to revive it =] Yaay! It was an almost great night last night, GSP beat down Koscheck (hate that lil shit talker) and Markus Naslunds jersey was retired in Vancouver, I was there to watch it and it was amazing. Great guy, and he totally deserved it. Canucks went on to lose the game in OT to the Boltz 4-5 though... 

I also came home to find out my best friend's, from childhood, dad passed away that night =[

My thoughts and prayers are with them at this sad time, even though I cant be there with them I want the "M" family to know if they need anything ever, to call me and I can do my best! Lots of love. Miss and love you all.

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