March 9, 2010

Flem-E throat, stuffed nose, and wheezing through the night

I absolutely hate being sick! I hate the fact I cant breathe properly, I hate the way I keep sniffling even though my nose is stuffed up, and I hate the way I'm so damn tired but I cant fall asleep =[ Eff you cold, go away!! 

Today in class I was the "awkward sniffler"... Don't you hate those people. The ones who come to class sick, and you're trying to listen to the lecture but theres that one person, who keeps sniffling and wont go blow their nose. I just want to turn to the person and tell them "Please just go blow your nose and stop sniffing it back up cause it's just going to come back down your nose!" ... Yeap, I was that sniffler today and I hated every second. I had my Kleenex with me, but nothing was working. My nose was an open faucet!

Canucks with their 10 comeback win against the Avs! 6-4!

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